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Dry Needling refers to inserting a sterile acupuncture needle in to a muscle trigger point or spasm, not only into the skin with traditional acupuncture, dry needling means directly into the muscle.

Acupuncture needles are used because they are not designed to deliver an injection, only stimulate the body. They are not hollow like an injection needle and are less painful and cause less injury. However they are able to affect the muscles and release tension.

Dry Needling causes both a physical disturbance to the tissue in to which the needle is inserted and causes a minor traumatic injury.

The physical disturbance causes small contractions and relaxations of the muscle being needled. pictureThese contractions cause blood flow to increase towards the needling site so that the biochemistry of the muscle normalizes and the spasm diminishes.

The body responds to this minor trauma so that the healing of this trauma leads to healing of the muscle spasm as well.

The movement of the needle in the tissue increases tension around it and stimulates nerve receptors to promote self healing.

Inflammation is left following needling as well, to which the body responds and healing of the needle injury and the trigger point occurs.