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Stimulation of the nervous system by Chiropractic Adjustments promotes Neuroplasticity. This is the ability of the nervous system to remodel itself and learn new tasks.

Depending on the neurological condition and the ability of an Adjustment to sensitize the nervous system, Subluxations can be corrected and an increase Neuroplasticity can be achieved.

Improvement of Neuroplasticity can increase or cause the restoration of some functions, or decrease the rate at which functions are lost during degenerative neurological conditions.

Appropriate rehabilitative measures should accompany Chiropractic care of neurological conditions to practice and reinforce any gain made by Chiropractic care.

Persons with physical disabilities can also benefit from Chiropractic care. Physical limitations can lead to immobility and this can cause joint and muscle contracture as well as the development of Subluxations from lack of nervous system stimulation.


Chiropractic care can help alleviate some of these issues by stretching the joint capsules and ligaments and the reflexive effects of Chiropractic Adjustments correcting muscle tone.

Positive changes in posture and ergonomics can also be achieved with Chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercises. This can improve functionality and performance of tasks of persons with disabilities. For this reason appropriate supervised physical rehabilitation (with an occupational therapist and or Neurophysiotherapist) should accompany Chiropractic care to encourage and maintain the effects of Chiropractic care.