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Exercise program:
Static / Functional / Dynamic / Replicating

The goal of Chiropractic Rehabilitation is to sustain the new pattern and build on the procedures completed during your appointments as well as to prevent Subluxations and dysfunctional patterns returning.

Rehabilitation consists of specific exercises and stretches designed to correct imbalances and prevent further or future injuries occurring. They teach your body how to control your movements and positions.

Static and functional exercises begin first in the program:

These include basic stretches and exercises, balance training and body awareness exercises, postural exercises and basic core-stabilizing exercises.

Dynamic exercises begin after the static ones are mastered:

These build on the static exercises with the introduction of a gym ball or of movements with the original exercises designed to replicate your sports or activities.

You should be able to move in the correct posture and have control of your body while performing tasks, dynamic exercises replicate activities in a controlled and safe environment.

Static exercises teach you the correct posture and dynamic exercise teaches to maintain it while performing a task.

Should you require further Rehabilitative measures, referral to a trusted biokinetisist may be required.


Static exercise program
Dynamic exercise program


Explanations for exercises have been omitted