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Your Extremity joints can be injured by acute trauma or by cumulative stress. The mechanics of your extremity joints can change similarly to your spinal joints and can cause Subluxations of them selves, those in the kinetic chain and in your spine.

As with back and neck pain care, a thorough case history of your condition is taken, a physical examination is done and specific orthopaedic tests are done that relate to your condition.

Specific orthopaedic tests can be done for each joint, as well as muscle testing and mechanics of the injured joint, and those of the kinetic chain are examined.

The goals of Chiropractic care for your extremity joints are the same as those of back and neck pain with the addition of creating a stable base for your limbs to work off of, creating proper mechanics of your kinetic chain (the group of elements moving together) and appropriate neural reception of those parts so that your stabilizing structures can brace your moving parts and prevent injury.

Chiropractic care of extremity joints consists of Adjusting your injured joint, your spine and those of your kinetic chain and in the case of chronic or cumulative sports injuries accessing the individual techniques or mechanism of injury that lead to your injury.