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The majority of spinal pain is functional and can be safely and effectively treated by chiropractors. This is the correction of Chiropractic Subluxations by Chiropractic Adjustments.

Injuries to the vertebral segments consist of those to the facet joints, the spinal muscles, the Intervertebral Disc and the Spinal Ligaments and the Neurological elements. These injuries may be from cumulative stress and strains or due to a traumatic injury and cause Subluxations or stem from Subluxations.

Injuries can be diagnosed with specific orthopedic and neurological tests, and Chiropractic Adjustments can be directed towards these areas.

Natural healing can occur following the removal of the Subluxation or dysfunctional pattern that caused the injury by the sensitization of the nervous system to the injury.

What Happens during a Chiropractic Consultation?

During your initial consultation a history of your general and spinal health is discussed, and if you are experiencing spinal or peripheral discomfort, referral pain in to your legs called Sciatica, the symptomatology is noted.

Basic medical and neurological examinations are completed (blood pressure, tendon reflexes, muscle strength tests, etc.) to determine that you are safe to treat. A collection of orthopaedic, neurological and Chiropractic tests are done to determine if you have injured any of the structures of your spine.

Chiropractic tests include feeling the motion of your individual vertebrae to determine which are picture subluxated (the movement component of the Subluxation), strength testing of specific muscles is done, biomechanical evaluation of the functioning of your spine as a whole, and various neurological checks determine which of your vertebrae that are Subluxated are having the most affect on you.

From the diagnostic testing and your history, a working diagnosis can be made and be discussed with you in your report of findings, as well as an appropriate care plan to address your issues.

Chiropractic care only commences after a diagnosis is made of both your injured structures and of your dysfunctional segments.

Your Subluxated vertebrae are Adjusted, and rechecked to determine that correct motion and neurological functioning has been returned to them, and that the dysfunctional neurological pattern is broken. This is the use of TRT.

Care Plan and Subsequent Visits

Your Initial dysfunction is corrected first. You may need a number of Adjustments to affect this. Other therapeutic measures may also be used, these include:

After your initial dysfunction is corrected it is extremely important to replace the dysfunctional pattern with a new functional one or your body may resort back to the dysfunctional one and create Subluxations when it is stressed again. This is completed during your follow-up appointments.

Specific muscle activation exercises, stretches, stress relief exercises, breathing exercises and rehabilitative procedures may be performed and taught to you. These can be practiced to change to, or to reinforce your new functional pattern. Additional Adjusting sensitizes your nervous system to the changes and promotes neuroplasticity (learning of a new function by the nervous system) and prevents any other compensatory dysfunction occurring.

Sustaining your new pattern is the Rehabilitative component of Chiropractic care. Your exercises change from static or stationary to dynamic. Some of these may replicate or match your sporting techniques or activities. This corresponds with your return to your normal activity.

You may also be referred to a biokinetisist or physiotherapist for further rehabilitation at this time.

Changes to the factors that caused your injury, Subluxation and dysfunctional pattern should also be addressed. The ergonomics of your work station, sporting techniques, gym exercises, sleeping position and habits should be discussed.

Prevention of Further or Future Injury

Depending on your fitness level, life-style, physical activities you partake in and the other factors that may predispose you to incurring injury it is advised to regularly correct Chiropractic Subluxations.

It is ideal to schedule regular appointments and have an appropriate plan to protect the health of your spine.